Thursday, April 12, 2012

covenfilm tidbits

silent house claimed to be 88 minutes of continous footage.not really! silent house is one of the bigger films this year shot on a fact it was shot on a canon 5d mark 2 with a redrock micro rig and small hd monitor.the primary lens used was a creamy zeiss cp2 28mm prime backed up by a 21mm prime. most of the movie was shot in shallow depth of field. now back to the continous 88 minutes of horrifying footage, a canon 5d has a 12 minute file record limit. so to hide the transition points.they moved in front of objects or whip panned to hide the edit.some of the scenes had several takes. so there is a covenfilm tidbit. thanks redrock micro and a shoutout to lucia from small hd.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


remembering is a dark drama. iwrote this last year in about thirty minutes. i had the flow going on this one and it went from start to finish. this short film is very close to my heart.remembering tells the story about a man named jeremy.jeremy is down and out on life.with no trust and love anymore,jeremy really doesnt care if he lives anymore. jeremy decides to take a walk in the park and think about things. a mysterious woman name jane sits down by him and starts talking about life.will jeremy find a new love for life. we filmed this in two days. we used dslr cameras with a dolly,tripod,and a glidecam for the walk scenes. seth delacruz(director of photography) did an amazing job. remembering won best short at blueridge bloodfest. it was selected for nhc and blood on the beach this year,followed by a q&a after.i love this film alot.i give it 8 of 10 stars.

the notebook

   the notebook came out in 2004. it was based on the novel written by nicholes starks. the movie starts out in a retirement home, where a old couple are sitting down in a room. the man is reading a story to the woman about a couple of young lovers ( allie hamiltone,and noah calhoun). the young couple meet one evening at a carnival, after spending time together,one night noah has dinner with allie's family. they dissaprove of noah's unwealthy family,and move allie away.allie waits for noah to write  her for several years, allie eventually meets  and gets engaged to a young soldier. allie  who still loves noah,goes back to visit noah's 200 year old house. he restored it for her. they both still have feelings for eachother.allie also finds out that noah wrote her everyday for a year.allie now has to choose between noah and lon. allie's mom meets with allie, and gives her the letters.the movie ends with everyone finding out the old man and woman are noah and allie. the beautiful ending is noah and allie both die together holding hands. to me this is a amazing ending to a very strong script.showing that there is true love. the acting is amazing,the film is shot well. they used panavisions to shoot on which was a very good choice to use. it gave the film a soft look but made it very real.director nick cassavetes did an amazing job on this film.the film was shot in south carolina.the college of charleston was used as the backdrop for allie's college.boone hall plantation was used for the scenes of the hamilton's house. the house that noah would rebuild in the movie is located at martins point plantation on widmalaw island. the film makers had considered finding a dilapidated house to film which could be renovated as the narrative progressed. but they soon settled on using a beautiful house they could make look run down for the film's earlier scenes.the nursing home scenes were shot at rice hope(black river)plantation. the house was rumored to be a kit house ordered from sears roebuck company but is not.ryan gosling prepared for the role by living in charleston for a few months prior to filming.he spent his mornings rwoing on the ashley river and his afternoons making furniture. so i wanted to share a few tidbits on the film. this is one of my favorite films of all times. i give it 10 of 10 stars.