Monday, June 11, 2012

our days are numbered

Our days are numbered was the first short i did back in 2010 as a director .Our days are numbered starts out with you seeing a surveillance camera recording what seems to be a farm.  It's recording a dirt road where you see a truck coming up the road. The truck seems to have broken down near the house.  Three people are in the truck.  Andy,ken,and casy.  Andy and ken are brothers.  Casy is ken's girlfriend . Andy and the other two get out of the truck . Andy starts explaining what's going on with the outbreak and where they are going.
Andy and the other two decide to keep moving and that's when things start to spiral out of control . Zombies,slo mo bullets, and lots of blood. The short is about nine minutes in all with a cloverfield feel to it .I tried to put in as much action as possible in this short. I used a jvc hd 100 camera  for filming.
These are some of the screen grabs from the film. Overall i thik it came out good. I see things i think could be better now, but for my first it wasn't bad. I  have the trailer up so check it out. For copies go to , and also subscribe to my youtube at condemnedproduction and rate the trailer.
I give it 7 out of ten starts.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

back to the movies interview

i had the pleasure of interviewing a young film fanatic, and so far has accomplished alot.
covenfilm:what made you decide to get into helping people in the film industry?
sean evans:i've always been a big fan of movies ever since i was a child. i feel as thou they've been along with me on a journey through life. i mean i'm only 20 now but through sad times,happy times,joyful times i can always think of a film that either helped towards that feeling or helped a certain situation out. big budget films don't really need much marketing as they market themselves, low budget films are unknown to the majority of the public and they need the most help.this is where i come in,spreading the word,creating videos,marketing trailers and just trying my best to help these guys out.once i'd worked on a lower budget films,i helped with higher budget flicks.they pretty much market themselves but it helped me to get interviews from cast and crew.which all went towards my movie oriented pages both on twitter and youtube. covenfilm: who all have you helped promote their films?
sean evans: i've helped many films so it would take awhile to name the majority.the ones that come to mind are chris witherspoon's film rage,joe raffia's six degrees of hell,ad lanes invasion of the not quite dead and most recently the superb no saints for sinners starring good friend rick crawford.
covenfilm: what is your goal for the future?
sean evans: my goal is to market more low budget films but also more high profile films too as that way there could be a possibility of my marketing being accepted to a film or production company.that would be my main goal,to somehow work in the industry and provide my marketing skills and abilities live on set or live during a production. also to get my youtube and twitter pages as popular as possible.without supporters and fans ,my page and all the effort would be for nothing,and i can't thank each and every person who has supported me thus far.
covenfilm: are you expanding from youtube and twitter?
sean evans:at the moment no. my twitter page has over 10,000 followers,my youtube has around 2,000 subscribers. i dont feel that they are big enough numbers for me to expand.if views and subscribers increase greatly over the next year or 2 then there is an idea i had of making a website for marketing services to the industry,but that's a hope and a prayer away.for now i'm doing it purely because its what i love to do and its in a industry i love and one im passionate about.
covenfilm: where can people find your stuff?
sean evans:my youtube is http//
my twitter page-!/bck2themovies
covenfilm: thanks for the interview sean.
sean evans: thank you
Go checkout his stuff and checkout mine. follow both of us and hope you enjoy.

like crazy

                                                              Like Crazy(2011)
the movie starts off when anna and jacob meet at a la university. anna one day leaves jacob a note on his car winshield under the wiperblade. the note confesses how she feels for jacob.jacob feels the same and the two began spending all there time together.the two fall in love. as the film progresses, you find out jacob has a talent of making furniture. also anna is a writer and jacob finds out the chair she uses is uncomfortable. jacob makes her a chair that anna the semester comes to an end and the two graduate. anna is suppose to go back to the uk as her visa will expire. anna decides to stay and spend the summer with jacob. when ann goes back to the uk she loses her visa due to the fact she violated her rights to keep her visa. the two are sperated and call eachother at first. then jacob goes to visit and the two talk about getting married so anna can go back to the us.jacob goes back to the states. both anna and jacob meet other peopkle and begin life without eachother for a period. jacob goes back and the two get married. one day jacob and anna get into a fight over jacob still texting the other girl sam. jacob decides to leave and the two go on with their lives and see the people they met while away.anna calls jacob and tells him she finally got her green card and wants to come back with jacob. jacob picks her up from the airport and the ending of the movie is really depressing and sad. it takes the two back to jacobs aprtment . the two are in the shower holding eachother and kissing. jacob and anna both stop and look at eachother. the two realize that with everything that happened they fell out of love. jacob gets out of the shower and walks away as anna looks at him. this is how the movie ends. in my opinion tis show the ignorance of people and what they take for granted.the cast is great in this and really pull their weight. anna is played by felicity jones,jacob is played by anton yelchin and sam by jennifer lawerence.director drake dremus did a great job with ben york jones script. he had a great vision for telling this story. director of photography john guleserian had some great shots but at times the camera seemed alittle shaky.they shot this film on the 7d and it looks really good. like crazy was an official selection in sundance 2011. it was sold to paramount for four million dollars. overall i give it 10 of 10 stars.