Monday, June 11, 2012

our days are numbered

Our days are numbered was the first short i did back in 2010 as a director .Our days are numbered starts out with you seeing a surveillance camera recording what seems to be a farm.  It's recording a dirt road where you see a truck coming up the road. The truck seems to have broken down near the house.  Three people are in the truck.  Andy,ken,and casy.  Andy and ken are brothers.  Casy is ken's girlfriend . Andy and the other two get out of the truck . Andy starts explaining what's going on with the outbreak and where they are going.
Andy and the other two decide to keep moving and that's when things start to spiral out of control . Zombies,slo mo bullets, and lots of blood. The short is about nine minutes in all with a cloverfield feel to it .I tried to put in as much action as possible in this short. I used a jvc hd 100 camera  for filming.
These are some of the screen grabs from the film. Overall i thik it came out good. I see things i think could be better now, but for my first it wasn't bad. I  have the trailer up so check it out. For copies go to , and also subscribe to my youtube at condemnedproduction and rate the trailer.
I give it 7 out of ten starts.

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