Sunday, July 15, 2012


I recently viewed confliction brought to you by Flopitworks. The film starts out with a cool animated logo that gives a film/street art vibe. Right after it hits hard with raw run and gun style shooting. You see the victim on a rooftop tied down and in panic mode, played by Aimee Louisanne. Soon after it's the confrontation with the suspect played by JJ Condon who is handcuffed and being interrogated by the lead detective played by Jordane Christie. The acting was spot on as the two went back in forth in a cat and mouse game trying to figure out each others moves. Throughout the ordeal the two have past issues brought up telling why they are how they are now.  Finally the detective figures out where the girl is. Taken to the rooftop the detective finds the girl just in time. After the detective starts to have the killer taken in only to find out- is there more victims? To find out check out Confliction when it's  released. With some beautiful locations and great shots, this film is well worth watching! Overall the the team at Flopitworks did a wonderful job.  To check these guy's out go to their website and on twitter @flopitworks @shawn-lights
Overall i give it 8 out of ten stars!


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