Saturday, July 28, 2012


Taxidermy is a short film by plastic age productions I recently screened. The film starts Out with the two main characters andy played by Matthew rolling and Josie played by Tina Renee grace, having an argument. Andy leaves the overwhelmed and lost Josie. Andy drives off and calls the girl he is seeing. Only to find out she has someone at her house, and no real interest in Andy. Andy with his tail tucked between his legs, goes back to Josie. Andy begs for forgiveness and all seems well in the world. Time passes and Andy goes home one day after work to see a fine dinner,loyal and happy girlfriend. Followed by dessert. Josie says she has one big final surprise for Andy. Josie takes Andy into the bathroom and Andy goes to the shower. Behind the curtains is Beth played by Jolene Aldus lying dead in the bathtub. Josie tells Andy that he can have Beth who is stuffed now and have her without fear of Andy leaving. Taxidermy has a nice twist at the end. It is a well done short, that's straight to the point. Taxidermy was shot on a hmc-150, directed and cinematography by Travis Legge. I give it 8 out of 10 stars.