Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the walking dead

the walking dead started out as a comic book seriescreated by robert kirkman,tony moore,and charlie adland.it was turned into a tv series which premiered october 31,2010.the story starts out when sheriff deputy rick grimes wakes up after being in a coma.rick finds the world has been infested by zombies(walkers).rick tries to find his family.wife-lori grime,and son carl grimes. the story brings a group together trying to survive through this ordeal.the walking dead was nominated for several awards,including best tv series drama at the 68th golden globe awards. also the writers guild of america award.when the team got together to figure out what camera to shoot the pilot and series. they tested 35mm,16mm,the red one,and panavision genesis cameras. the team decided to go with the super 16 look using three arriflex 416 cameras. the arriflex 416 is one of the smaller handhelds from arri.david tattersull (dp) who shot the pilot and david boyd(dp) who shot the rest to date manipulated color temp with tungsten balance film stock(kodak visions 500t 7219 to help with the super 16 look. also on board for special efx is greg nicotero,efx coordinator darrel pritchett,and visual effects were done by sam nicholson,and jason spelling. while the cinematographer is amazing,and the efx are on point. the series to me seems to draw on at times,but seems to brings highpoints to make it worth while.i give it 7 out 10 stars.

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