Sunday, October 14, 2012

pico dolly and canon 40mm pancake lens

I recently did a review on the pico dolly and canon 40mm pancake lens. I did some video on the pico dolly and several stills for the 40mm lens.the ef 40mm f/2.8 stm lens took some really nice close stills,as well as farther away stills. The thing i noticed during video ,was it was alittle noisy. Its manageable ,so no is a few stills i took.
This is the original.seems to be vibrant and show some nice detail, I am putting up the same shot of the roses,but touched up.
I added some more contrast, to make some of the roses pop! Over all i think the 40 is a good addition to your family of glass. Now here is the video, i took of the pico dolly with 40mm glass. The pico dolly seems to be smooth ,unless the terrain is rough. There was alittle bump in the video, due to rougher terrain. The dolly has some option with a p&c variable friction arm arm and shark clip, for the iphone. You can add several options to work with your dslr or iphone. It allows you to make some cinematic movments right from your desktop. The pico dolly allows you to make some high quality and unique tracking movements from any smooth surface. Adjusting the two axles allows for side to side tracking,push or pull dolly shots and even 360 movements.Made of high quality metals, fluid roller bearings, smooth wheels, and a base plate has three  1/4 20" female threads.  The 40mm caught some close footage, however was really hard to focus while running the dolly.Other than that, I thought it was great.

I'll get more footage with several other lenses and shoot more 40mm on some film shoots. I hope this gives you some what of an idea about the two products. I hope you enjoy this review and please comment.

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  1. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    wow amazing pict, nice lens pancake 40mm f 2.8
    thank you :)