Tuesday, December 25, 2012

65 mm film tidbits

65mm film is also known as 70mm. 65mm is generally used for sweeping landscape dramas.Here are some examples of 65mm film.
Here is one of the cameras that shoot 65mm film.
70mm Cinerama releases were projected with special optics onto a deeply-curved screen in an attempt to mimic the effect of the original 3-strip cinerama process.
  HI FI Stereo 70(also known as Triarama and Stereovision 70) was a 3-D process.(1) Two anamorphic images,one for each eye,were captured side by side on 65mm film.(1) Aspecial lens on a 70mm projector added polarization and merged the two images on the screen.(1) A similar Soviet system known as Stereo 70 did not employ anamorphics,resulting in an aspect ratio of 1.37:1.[2]
This is a few tidbits on 65mm and hope this gives some insight.

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