Sunday, January 5, 2014

Firearms and films

            Firearms and movies
The armorer will provide several different kinds of firearms for a show or movie.depending on how they will be used: there's a real gun that can fire blanks;also a replica gun which is a non-firing weapon; a airsoft gun powered by green gas that, when the trigger is pulled,recycles the slide,ejects a shell casing and chambers the next round-but no projectile is fired from the barrel: rubber gun for stunts. To the audience it's all the same firearm.
      TV series-banshee has many firearms onset. Glock 17-9mm, beretta 92fs semi-automatic pistols,smith and Wesson .44mag, h&k g3 select fire rifles, ak-47 assault rifles,Taurus pt92 nickel plated pistols,m249 saw machine gun,m60 machine gun,IMi micro Uzis,sig p229,double barrel shotgun, m240 machine gun.
  Some of the baddest characters with kick-ass firearms.  Neo with his beretta 92fs,cz99, and micro Uzi.travis bickle from taxi driver and his s&w29. Dirty Harry and his s&w29,and mr. White from reservoir dogs and his s&w model 639 which is a double action 9mm version. These firearms and great visual effects make for real life looks on film and beyond. One thing that is sometimes not realistic is getting shot and squibs. Most squibs have a small explosive that when hit shoots out which is a total defiance of the laws of physics. Wound channels goes out and has a temporary and permanent wound channel. So all in all firearms can make a film more exciting but need to be spot on. The newest seal film lone survivor had two weeks training with real seals on small tactics for the actors. This helped with the realism. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Some of my sources were firepower.

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