Wednesday, May 30, 2012

iphone gear

when the iphone 4 came out,it shot 720p,and 1080p for the iphones. alot of film makers played around with the filming capabilities of it. so interest came into play for making gear for the of the first things i got for my iphone was the owle bubo rig. it comes with a small mic,wide angle lens for the price of 180 bucks. the bubo gives some extra stability with the grips at the bottom. it makes the iphone bigger and alittle more to hold onto. you can also get the 35mm adapter to use 35mm glass.which is a nice option.i upgraded to a bigger mic and a rota light.
the rota light comes with various gels as well. this really helps out alot. the iphone does okay in low light but not really the best.color grading seems to do well so far.its a fun camera to have for behind the scenes or a backup if your in tight spaces.i have only shot two films with it. both shorts. one is what they dont know,that was shot last year in jersey at a convention.the other is silent hotel i did for a homage film competition for silent house. im adding the trailer for what they dont know. you can take a look and check it out. i was pleased with how it came out.

i used a app called 8mm to get that old grungy look and added a filter to it. there are alot of festivals that have added a phone category now. here are some of the apps i use
for sending files to my computer, i use big transfer files.i hope you all enjoy this and it gives some of you some ideas for your iphone. here are some of the links to the gear.
for the iphone shooting capabilities i give it 5 out 10 stars.

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