Thursday, May 17, 2012

the ticket

the ticket was a very touching film. directed by po chan.shot by shane hurlbut. the ticket was shot on a canon 1dc dslr 4k, using a 24mm cinema prime.the ticket starts out in a hospital with vince sitting on the floor. emma comes out of a room and the two began to talk about the time.vince says they have time.the film takes them outside,only to have vince figure out they have no car anymore.vince and emma began to run. taking them to a clothing store. they try on the clothes they want. both know they cant afford them so vince and emma run out of the store.later they get to the boardwalk, which is an amazing scene. vince and emma go to the ferris wheel. the old man says theres no more rides tonight. vince convinces the man to let them ride, by telling him it's emma's birthday. the old man says you have ten minutes. while up at the top of the ferris wheel, vince asks emma to marry him. she says its to late for that.this takes vince back to the floor of the hospital. a doctor walks out of the room telling him she didnt make it, vince gets up and starts crying only to see the ticket he bought on the ground.(tidbit)- the lighting used was natural light available.and was shaped.the hospital scene- they were able to use all the available lights that were in the ceiling.which were 4' cool white flo's.pho and shane went for a sterile.anti septic feel.hurlbut baked in the look with natural picture style with color temp set at 2700 gave a starting point with this cold,minty green feel. they wanted the halls as cold and representtative of death.the score was amazing caled those kisses by the fisherman three.this film had a strong storyline,amazing actors and was well shot. i give it 8 out of 10 stars. to checkout more work on shane- www,

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